About the Rugby World Cup for Sports Bettors Online

Rugby is most popular in a few select countries around the world, namely England, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, who are considered to be the stars of the Rugby world. However, rugby has a good fan base in many other countries, stretching to virtually all corners of the globe. In the United States rugby is not as popular as the more widely watched American Football, but a solid fan base is still present, despite America having not won a world cup trophy.

Contested by the best teams in the world, the Rugby World Cup is an immensely popular sporting event worldwide. It is a relatively new event, in comparison to some other tournaments, having first been held in 1987. Regardless, the Rugby World Cup is watched by millions of fans around the world, and is considered a premier event. It attracts more viewers via television than many other sporting tournaments. In terms of television viewer ship, it is estimated that billions tune into the event via television.

Rugby Tournament History

There were a number of rugby tournaments that took place prior to the Rugby World Cup, some going back as far as the mid 1800s. These tournaments tended to be more specific to certain regions, however, with no single tournament that embraced the rugby teams of the entire world. The Rugby World Cup was initiated as the first rugby event that was held on a global scale.

The tournament saw widespread success from the very first event, and has subsequently being growing at a phenomenal rate in terms of popularity. Each Rugby World Cup has seen a massive increase in interest and attendance, and it is predicted that the Rugby World Cup will soon be the most popular sporting event in the world.

Rugby World Cup Betting Online

Rugby World Cup Betting

It stands to reason that the Rugby World Cup is likewise one of the most bet on sporting events. Online bookmakers see a massive increase in bets being placed when the event comes around, so much so that many websites change their theme to reflect central interest on the sport. It is natural that many bet makers simply place bets on their countries team to win, or their favourite team to win, which is considered a sign of support.

More strategic bet makers will take more into consideration than which team is their favourite, however. Since the Rugby World Cup has been running for some time, there is a great deal of information available on each team, which can greatly help in placing a smart bet using betting apps. Many online forums are even dedicated to the sole purpose of predicting who will win the World Cup. It is recommended that smart bet makers visit these forums, and participate in then, which will greatly increase the chances of placing a winning bet.